"Oh, Greed…"  And here he’d thought that he was going to have to tell him the worst of the war.  But of course the Archangels would go after Greed.  His poor, sweet, Greed, who didn’t deserve any less than the best and who’d suffered at the hands of those awful things.  He shook his head in dismay and lay a hand on his chest, upon his heart, wishing he could heal him in any way possible.  "That’s awful…"

To think that he’d come this close to losing his mate…  It was a terrifying prospect.  He never would have known unless the Angels came to jeer about it in the prison — and they would, knowing them.  After all, Greed was a rather high priority.  Biting his lip, he leaned up to lay a kiss upon the other’s cheek and nuzzled him as if in comfort.  It was the most like himself he’d felt since…  Well, since before the torture started — somehow, needing to comfort him transcended all the horrors he’d faced up there.

"If it still bleeds, shouldn’t you…?"  He didn’t want him to change.  Lust was particularly fond of this vessel, but he didn’t know if a wound that deep would stop just from dropping a mortal shell.  Angels were crafty creatures, after all.  He sighed, nuzzling him again and laying his head back on his shoulder as he hugged him. "I’m so sorry, Greed.  I should have been there…  "

”..I’m going to have to..sometime. I don’t want to. I’m very attached to this vessel..but it’s overused, worn out..” He sighed, closing his eyes as Lust kissed his cheek. Even Satan brought it up to him. This vessel was at its limit, unfortunately. “It’s been so good over the centuries..it’ll be a shame to change it, but I’ll do my best to find one similar, right down to the eyes. Promise.” He smiled, though it soon faltered at Lust’s comment, and he huffed, shaking his head. “Shush. No. Don’t say that.” he murmured, clicking his tongue. “It was the front lines, and besides..there was nothing you could’ve done.”

Pausing, he sighed a little before continuing. “Anyways…I was forced to rest during the rest of the war, but we were victorious somehow. I think there was a treaty because neither Heaven nor Hell can afford another war like that.” He shook his head before snorting “I bet it won’t last..ah, well. As for the humans, theh’ve advanced quite a lot. They’ve sent a rocket to the moon, invented computers and television..cellphones..I tell you, mortals can do amazing things when they put their minds to it.” he said, pressing their foreheads together. “Let’s see..Envy is still an asshole, but the rest of the Sins treat me with somewhat more respect after I survived that wound. Go figure.” He snorted, letting out a soft laugh before sighing.

"Satan is recruiting strongers demons, at least. So there’s that. Hell’s security is as tight as ever. I suppose those pesky angels can’t really try anything now."

That was…  True, he mentally conceded, face now partially buried in the other Sin’s chest.  He couldn’t logically imagine an angel attacking in pure daylight in the middle of so many people.  And he certainly couldn’t imagine Greed letting them take him anywhere.  He was the most possessive of them all and he was in a high position in their army for a reason.  As long as he was with him, then he wouldn’t be taken back to prison.

It was hard for him to rationalize, still, but after a while he let out a little sigh and nodded, nuzzling gently beneath the crook of his neck.  Truthfully it was a little hard for him to trust Greed after all that had happened — but that wasn’t the problem now.  He was just happy to be here at all.

"I…  Don’t know what’s changed." he murmured, picking up the last subject as he stared out at the park.  "I don’t know anything.  It was so bright up there, Greed.  All the time.  I thought I would go blind, I…  But…  They never told me anything.  Not about the world, or about the war, or…  Or about you or the others…  Just that I’d never see any of it again.  So…  Tell me?"

"Tell you all that’s happened? Hmm..well, I suppose I can try." he said, settling back against the tree with a little sigh, holding the other in his arms. "I think I’ll start with the war..now..the war was long and hard. We barely one at the cost of..thousands. Thousands of demons and lower level devils. It was the worst war between Heaven and Hell that I’ve ever seen..and I..I almost died. It was terrifying.." His voice was soft, and he looked a bit far away as he recalled the events that happened, a tiny frown on his face.

"It was a battle near the end of the war..Heaven outnumbered us by..thousands, it had to be. They ambushed us as we were recovering from a previous battle. I swear, I was counting what I had left of my army one moment, and the next..we were swarmed. I couldn’t gather myself quickly enough and..one of the archangels, Michael, I believe, grabbed me.." His face paled a little, and he looked away, taking a deep breath. "He had a knife doused in holy water, and he drug it down my back as deep as he could before he stabbed me right in the chest.." He was trembling a little now, and he took a deep breath to calm himself.

"I fell unconscious almost immediately. Wrath was the one that dragged me away. He treated my wounds. I would’ve been dead had he not found me." Sighing, he looked down, coughing a bit. "But the wound never rightly healed. It still bleeds. It still /hurts/..but I’m alive..that’s all that matters."


And he smiled.  Oh Greed, always so eager.  For being the oldest of the Sins, he always seemed so enthusiastic whenever the subject matter fell to them as a couple.  It was an endearing trait…  One he’d always lo… liked about him; it was reminding him of just how hard he’d fallen for the other Sin, and as he cuddled closer, he thought maybe he might just be going through it all over again.  Really, he couldn’t blame himself.

But…  The mall?  ”Oh, I— okay…” 

He bit his lip at that, glancing up at him.  Going to the mall, to shop, meant encountering people.  And where there were mortals, there were bound to be guardian angels.  Wide golden eyes lifted to peer at his mate as he tilted his head, a hand gently clutched at the front of his shirt.  ”But Greed, what if…  What if they’re looking for me?  What if the angels find us there?  Then—”

"Dove, they won’t be looking for you. And anyways, angels don’t dare attack in public in front of mortals, you know that." he murmured, holding him close and rubbing his back in small, reassuring circles. "And they don’t dare go to Hell.." he whispered, pressing a tiny kiss to the top of his head. "You’ll be fine..and besides, if they try anything, I’ll rip their pretty, little wings off of their backs. They won’t take what’s mine. Not again." His voice lowered dangerously, and he held Lust closer, his grip turning possessive.

"So..you’ll be fine. No worries." He shot him a tiny smile before resting his chin on top of his head. The angels wouldn’t try anything, though, not unless they were at war, and they weren’t, so there really wasn’t that much to worry about.


Italy…  So he hadn’t forgotten.  Out of anything, that had managed to bring the most of a laugh out of him, enough that a small chuckle emerged at the thought.  Yes, he realized.  He didn’t deserve to go to italy with Greed, but he certainly did want to.  Just….  Not for a long, long time.

"Okay." He agreed, trotting along slightly behind him and looking around curiously.  Lots of things changed in fifty years, and he could see that many storefronts and even buildings had gone down and come back up in his time away.  The mortal world lay unknowing of the war that had occurred between Heaven and Hell — no one knew of his suffering here, and he wasn’t sure if that made him feel better or worse.

he settled beneath the willow tree and looked up at Greed, studying him for a moment.  He was…  So handsome; always had been, in any vessel, and part of him knew that the ‘old’ Lust would have no compunctions about showing off his appreciation right here in broad daylight.  But…  That wasn’t him anymore, so he just held his arms out to him, meekly asking for a few cuddles.  ”It’s still pretty here.

"Okay! I’ll ask him..tomorrow. Yeah." He smiled as they settled underneath the willow tree, taking in all of the sights. A lot had changed over the course of fifty years..hm. He’d need a wardrobe change soon enough. He was still wearing the fashion of the fifties and sixties. Oh, well..maybe that’s what they could do after this, go shopping. Yeah..it’d be nice. Just a little outing, something the both of them desperately needed after everything they had been through. 

When Lust held out his arms, he smiled, pulling him close and letting out a tiny breath as he rubbed his back. “Yeah..it is. A lot has changed over fifty years, hasn’t it?” he murmured, pressing a tiny kiss to the top of Lust’s head. “I was thinking we could do some shopping after this. I’m in need of a major wardrobe update.” he said, laughing slightly. “And we could get you some things, too. It’ll be fun..” He smiled brightly at him, just happy to be together like this.

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"Right, yes…" He watched him walk away, waited until the doors were closed, and then bolted.  Who could he trust to help him with this issue?  Not Sloth, not Gluttony, and the thought of letting Envy handle it…  Well, at this point, he might have to.  Looking sick at the thought, he rushed first to Avarice (who denied him), and then to Pride, who said he’d ‘consider it’.  Right now, Lust didn’t have the time to consider what in the Hells that meant, so he asked Envy anyway just in case, then moved to his own room to change.

When Greed came to look for him he sat in the most modest set of clothing he had in his closet — which, in retrospect, wasn’t really very modest at all, and had him looking distinctly uncomfortable even though he tried not to show it.  All those scrapes and bruises would surely chafe against his clothing.  But he’d have to hold out, if he wanted to stall for this time and keep Greed in his life.  ”Yes, I’m ready.  I um…  I don’t know what I want to do yet, so, the park it is.  Yes.”

"Alright. The park it is." He smiled, walking over to take his hand before phasing to the mortal world with him. Ah, gods..it really had been too long. The sudden rush of sunlight hurt his eyes a little bit, and he took a deep breath, holding Lust’s hand as they walked along. It took a little bit for his eyes to properly adjust, and when they did, he started heading down the proper path to the park.

"Remember how we would sit underneath the big willow tree in the park?" he asked, smiling down at him. "I think we should do that..just have some time to ourselves. And..whenever..whenever you want to, I can ask Satan about going to Italy." He hadn’t forgotten about his promise to do that these past fifty years. "I’m sure he’d oblige..but that’s only whenever you’re up for it, okay?" he said as they entered the park, and he pointed at the big willow tree in the distance, smiling. "See it? Let’s go."

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